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Community Update | January 2019

Community Update | January 2019
February 20, 2019 Jeff Smith

Here’s how the Venice Beach BID has been working to serve our district in January 2019.

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*Includes noise complaints, misuse of bikes and scooters on public walkways, and public drinking/smoking/urination/defecation.
Clean Team data is provided by Chrysalis. Safe Team data is provided by Allied Universal. Activities are reported daily by Clean and Safe Team members, who are employees of Chrysalis and Allied Universal, respectively. Chrysalis and Allied managers compile these reports into a monthly summary. The VB BID relies on our vendors’ decades of BID expertise for the statistics we provide.


Successful Teamwork to Restore Public Access at Parking Lot 731 Near Canals

Many different entities have responsibilities for the cleanliness and safety of our community. This can make it challenging to get things done. With too many responsible parties, gaps in service coordination can mean problems go unsolved for too long. As a local BID, we work to address service gaps by striving to create networks of accountability. These networks include all stakeholders, from housed and unhoused community members to the entities responsible for their safety and well-being. Because we work in our community every day, we’re able to play a key role in facilitating problem-solving efforts.

A recent example of this took place in January. CEO Tara Devine helped our Clean and Safe Teams coordinate with no less than seven other responsible entities to restore the public right-of-way at Parking Lot 731 adjacent to the Venice Canals. Our dispatcher had received numerous calls regarding criminal activity in and around the area, and our Safe Team witnessed violations that posed a clear danger. In addition, ADA access was impeded and accumulated items were polluting canal waters, creating additional safety hazards for unhoused and housed people in the area. Through stakeholder engagement, we were able to resolve these problems as a collaborative team.


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