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Community Update | April 2020

Community Update | April 2020
May 19, 2020 Jeff Smith

Here’s how the Venice Beach BID has been working to serve our district in April 2020.

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Clean Team data is provided by Chrysalis. Safe Team data is provided by Allied Universal.
1 Includes noise complaints, misuse of bikes and scooters, and public drinking/smoking/urination/defecation.
2 Includes safety escorts, responding to alarms, medical emergency/accident responses, and lost individuals.


As the new Executive Director of the Venice Beach BID, I am honored to advance our mission of providing clean and safe services for all Venetians’ and visitors within our BID boundaries. Venice Beach, along with the rest of the world, is experiencing unprecedented times and the health and safety of our community is more important than ever. I joined the Venice Beach BID because I am passionate about the intersection of business, government, and community. I believe this combination offers an unequaled opportunity to make the greatest social impact. I look forward to building strong relationships with our stakeholders and helping to create community partnerships that bring about innovative solutions.


As we continue responding to the challenges of COVID-19, community safety remains our top priority. Our Clean and Safe Teams are still serving the district on a daily basis and we adjust our schedules and operations as needed to provide the best coverage we can. Both teams practice the required social distancing in the office and on the job. Clean and Safe Team members are also provided with hand sanitizer and protective gear such as gloves and masks.

Updated information about our service hours is posted on our website as often as possible. Please remember that we are here to help and call on us as needed.And if you have feedback or questions forus, please email the BID at:

Please Call Us!

In an EMERGENCY situation, please call 911 before notifying the VB BID. To request service for non-emergency incidents, call our dispatcher at 310-396-VBID (8243).

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